Make light of dark data.

renaizant is the only next-generation performance management platform that lets you see your organizational health all in one place.

renaizant is an AI-powered, data-driven performance management platform that is the first of its kind. No other solution gives you the visibility you need.

Whether you need skills assessments, 1:1s, 360º reviews, eNPS, sentiment analysis, goals management, team dashboards, career paths, or mentorship, renaizant gives you a whole new vision for your organizational health.

By integrating the apps you use every day with the most innovative approaches in performance management, you’ll see your data like no one else.

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Get performance management without the management.

No other platform gives you the holistic performance perspective except renaizant.

AI-powered integrations give you insight like no one else.

You need to measure and manage organizational health without slowing down your team. But you also need to democratize performance processes so everyone plays a part. That’s why we built an AI platform that integrates the apps your team already uses, providing clean data for your workforce fast.


Get usable data in two hours with only a credit card and an email address.


Integrate with email, Slack, G Suite, Office 365, Salesforce, Zendesk, GitHub, Skype, Jira, and more.


See diversity and inclusion, bias, and career opportunities before anyone else.

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Like nothing you’ve seen before.

renaizant is the only platform that provides insight into every level of your organization, from executive leadership to front-line employees. Both management and individuals gain value from every feature to empower better performance.

Team Dashboards

Track your teams’ skills with assessments, reviews, and performance data.

1:1s and 360º Feedback

Engage employees and managers with notifications, OKRs, and feedback.

Mentors and Career Pathing

Build long-term value by seeing skills matrices, paths, and mentors.

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Seeing is believing.

The dark ages of performance management are over, and renaizant is here. If you’re looking for the next generation to harness real value in your organization, see for yourself today.