Performance at the speed of light.

Next-generation performance management quickly and easily transforms the dark matter of data into results you can see.

How renaizant is different

With renaizant, you can see your organizational health in one place — with features including: skills assessments, 1:1s, check-ins, 360º reviews, eNPS surveys, sentiment analysis, goal and OKR management, team dashboards, career paths, and mentorship.

We built renaizant from the ground up to be the complete package in next-generation performance management.



Gain visibility into your organization.

By connecting the entire organization through the apps you already use, you’ll get detailed data on how your people get work done.

Our AI creates dashboards and insights for leadership, admins, and individual team members at every level so you can truly quantify your business performance.

  • Integrations for email, Slack, G Suite, Office 365, Salesforce, Zendesk, GitHub, Skype, Jira, and more.
  • See real-time data on individuals, teams, and the entire organization.
  • Stay in the apps and workflows your employees use to remain engaged in their work.


Track your teams’ skills.

By establishing team relationships, you can see how your people actually work across departmental lines, regardless of titles or silos. renaizant shows you the data hidden among your teams. Manage peer reviews, skills assessments, and employee–manager relationships quickly and easily.

  • Access 360º feedback and reviews from management or employees.
  • Assess your skills matrix at an individual and team level for skills gaps and career pathing.
  • Allow managers and employees to engage and grow.

1:1s and 360º Feedback

Engage employees and managers.

renaizant empowers employees to take control of their work and careers. Set up 1:1s with managers to set OKRs, create goals and engagement surveys for 360º feedback, and establish mentors for every person in the organization — or simply let employees do it themselves.

  • Empower employees and managers to initiate 1:1s and 360º feedback.
  • Enable goal-setting through OKRs at any cycle.
  • Encourage mentorship with calendar integrations and notifications.

Mentors and Career Paths

Build long-term value.

By harnessing the collective data from every person and relationship, you can begin to see the right career path for your people and your business. Our platform creates guided career paths that identify skills gaps, mentorships, and peer reviews to increase performance over time.

  • Close skills gaps over time for individuals and teams.
  • Create career development paths from scratch.
  • Coordinate mentors and performance plans for everyone.

Get ready for enlightenment.

renaizant is leading the way toward a new era for performance management, an era driven by AI and continuous feedback, where talent is coached and developed toward higher goals and better, more purposeful work. It will be an age of reason — a new enlightenment. Are you ready? Join us.

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